2007 Rookie Profiles: Fullbacks

Posted: 5/07

Courtesy of the TFY Draft Preview



Full Name:  Jesse Allen                School:   Virginia Tech                             

Ht:   6-0           Wt:   247            40:   4.84                Year:     5Sr


Bio: Part-time starter the past three years.  Carried the ball just three times as a senior and added four receptions.


Pos: Hard-working lead blocker who uses all his assets to their maximum. 

Displays good vision, squares into opponents and gets after blocks. 

Strong, turns defenders off the ball and opens the running lanes.  Picks up blitzes and squares into opponents.


Neg: Not quick off the snap, struggles to adjust and lacks playing speed. 

Marginally productive handling the ball.


Analysis: A hard-working blocker with solid size, Allen could back up for a team that uses a traditional fullback.


Full Name:  Cory Anderson          School:   Tennessee                                

Ht:   6-2.5        Wt:   247            40:   4.72                Year:     5Sr


Bio: Three-year starter who carried the ball just one time as a senior and added three receptions.  Junior pass-catching numbers were 14/147 after

17/157/2.  Carried the ball only 13 times in college.


Pos: Athletic lead blocker with terrific size.  Quickly gets off the snap, displays

good blocking vision, and explosive at the point.  Squares into opponents

and removes them from the action.  Shows the agility to get around tackle. 


Neg: Saw his playing time reduced last season because of the system.  Does not accelerate through blocks.  Marginal offensive threat.


Analysis: An aggressive blocker who plays to his measurables, Anderson has

starting potential in a two-back set.  Offers good upside for the next level

and has the ability to produce in a variety of ways.


Full Name:  Deon Anderson         School:   Connecticut                              

Ht:   5-10.5      Wt:   243            40:   4.75                Year:     5Sr


Bio: Senior totals included 23/78/0 on the ground and 14/101/2 receiving.  Did

not play in ’05 after leaving the school with legal and personal issues. 

Moved into the starting unit as a junior in ‘04.


Pos: Hard-working blocker who flashes abilities handling the ball.  Quick off the

snap, has a burst of speed and accelerates into blocks.  Jolts opponents at

the point, sealing them from the action and opens holes for running backs. 

Fluid into pass routes.


Neg: Looks almost lean on the field and does not play like a 250-pound lead

blocker.  Not a natural pass-catcher.


Analysis: A solid athlete who has displayed flashes of skill at Connecticut, Anderson has the ability to develop into a lead blocker for a West Coast offense. Must sort out his personal issues, which ultimately could keep him from having a career at the next level.



Full Name:  Jackie Battle             School:   Houston                                     

Ht:   6-2           Wt:   242            40:   4.73                Year:     5Sr


Bio: Part-time starter the past two years totaling career numbers of

184/943/15 carrying the ball as a senior.  Junior totals included 408-yards rushing and five scores.


Pos: Nice-sized short-yardage runner best between tackles.  Finds the running

lanes, works runs on the inside and falls forward when tackled.  Keeps his

feet moving on contact and strong ball carrier who picks up the tough

yardage.  Displays vision as a ball carrier or blocker.


Neg: Straight-line runner who does not have the speed to get around the corner. Average hands out of the backfield.  Not decisive nor elusive.


Analysis: A hard-pounding, short-yardage ball carrier, Battle’s best opportunity at the next level may come as a lead blocking fullback.


Full Name:  Tim Castille               School:   Alabama                                    

Ht:   5-11         Wt:   232            40:   4.91                Year:     4Sr


Bio: Sporadic starter who's primarily been a reserve the past three years. 

Senior rushing totals were 46/129/5, with 15/91 catching the ball. 

Career-best rushing numbers of 62/247/6 came as a sophomore.


Pos: Hard-working fullback who displays a good amount of versatility in his

game.  Tough carrying the ball on the inside, picks up the difficult yards and

falls forward when tackled.  Solid receiver out of the backfield who catches

the ball with his hands.  Displays good vision as a blocker or ball carrier.


Neg: Does not attack blocking assignments and is tentative at the point of

attack.  Possesses limited size as a lead blocker and marginal speed to be a feature runner.


Analysis: Productive in a reserve role at Alabama, Castille could find a home as a backup in a West Coast system if he produces on special-teams.


Full Name:     Brian Latsko    School:           Florida

Ht:   5-11         Wt:   231            40:   4.82                Year:     5Sr


Bio: Starting fullback who caught four passes as a senior yet did not carry the

ball.  Junior pass-catching numbers were 5/43/1.


Pos: Intense lead blocker with marginal size/speed.  Displays outstanding

blocking vision, squares into defenders and gives effort in his all-around

game.  Above-average footwork in pass protection.


Neg: Not quick off the snap into blocks.  Lacks the speed and agility to get

around the corner and create space.


Analysis: A marginal athlete with a passion for the game, Latsko must make it on special teams to have any shot at the next level.


Full Name:  Brian Lau                   School:   Boise State                               

Ht:   5-11.5      Wt:   241            40:   4.85                Year:     5Sr


Bio: Three-year starter used as both a halfback and lead blocker.  Finished his

senior season with seven carries for 47 yards, also totaling 5/36/1 as a junior.


Pos: Hard-working fullback with nice size.  Displays good blocking vision,

attacks assignments and clears the running lanes.  Aggressive and works hard to finish blocks.


Neg: Marginal athlete who does not possess the speed or agility to get around

the corner and create space for ball carriers.


Analysis: A prospect with a great attitude, Lau has a chance as a fifth ball carrier kept on a squad specifically for short-yardage situations.


Full Name:  Le'Ron McClain          School:   Alabama                                    

Ht:   6-0           Wt:   258            40:   4.94                Year:     4Sr


Bio: Started every game as a senior, totaling 11/64 on the ground and adding

20/175/3 as a receiver.  Rotated in and out of the starting lineup the prior

two seasons.  Junior receiving totals were 18/140/2.


Pos: Well-built lead blocker who is effective as a pass-catcher.  Displays power at the point of attack, anchors in pass protection and blocks down well on opponents.  Quickly picks up blitzes, slides his feet and squares into

opponents.  Good vision as a blocker or ball carrier.  Solid receiver who

extends to make the reception and uses his frame to protect the pass.


Neg: Showed limited blocking intensity last season.  Decelerates at the point of attack, does not give much effort to finish blocks nor does he play to his

size.  Limited speed and ineffective carrying the ball.


Analysis: A naturally strong lead blocker who flashes versatility in his game, McClain has enough power and talent to make it at the next level.  Must first prove he is willing to do the little things and give consistent effort.


Full Name:  Oren O'Neal               School:   Arkansas State                         

Ht:   5-11.5      Wt:   244            40:   4.93                Year:     6Sr


Bio: Three-year starter who posted just 8/59 totals on the ground as a senior in nine games.  Most productive season of 146-rushing yards came as a sophomore.


Pos: Tough, hard-working lead blocker with limited potential as an offensive

threat.  Attacks assignments, jolts opponents at the point of attack and

displays terrific vision.  Seals opponents from the action and plays with

leverage.  Picks up blocking assignments and helps out as a safety-valve receiver.


Neg: Does not accelerate into blocks, which hampers his ability to finish off

defenders.  Marginally productive handling the ball.


Analysis: A high-effort player with solid size, O'Neal is a one-dimensional blocker with limited potential.


Full Name:  Dante Rosario           School:   Oregon                                      

Ht:   6-2.5        Wt:   242            40:   4.85                Year:     4Sr


Bio: Former fullback who moved to tight end after his junior season. 

All-Conference selection last year after totaling 42/426/1.


Pos: Athletic prospect who has displayed skill handling the ball.  Plays with

leverage, quickly releases into pass routes and is a solid receiver.  Strong

at the point, blocks with good fundamentals and nicely works his hands.


Neg: Not physical and never consistently attacks blocking assignments.  Does

not finish, and falls off blocks.  Marginal speed.


Analysis: A former fullback with no position in Oregon's new offensive system,

Rosario has been out of place at tight end.  Could have a home as a lead

blocker in a West Coast offense if he picks up the physical nature of his game.


Full Name:  Jason Snelling           School:   Virginia                                      

Ht:   5-11         Wt:   230            40:   4.79                Year:     5Sr


Bio: Three-year starter used as both a feature back and lead blocker.  Led the

team in rushing as a senior, posting 183/772/7 while adding 29/282 as a

receiver.  Junior totals included 325 yards rushing and 19 receptions.


Pos: Well-built backfield prospect with marginal upside for the next level. 

Aggressive carrying the ball or blocking, picks up assignments and works

hard until the whistle blows.  Strong at the point and removes defenders

from the action at fullback, opening holes for the ball carrier.  Patient runner

who breaks tackles and picks up the difficult yardage.


Neg: Stiff, lumbers about the field and has difficulty cutting back against the

grain.  Does not possess the speed to get around the corner.


Analysis: A versatile college player, Snelling lacks the size to be a true lead blocker and the ball-handling skills to be a feature back.  Offers possibilities as a short-yardage runner, and his pass-catching skills provide added value.



Full Name:  Brandon Snow           School:   Penn State                                

Ht:   6-1           Wt:   242            40:   4.92                Year:     4Sr


Bio: Two-year starter at fullback who also saw action as a linebacker during his sophomore campaign.  Posted just 13/34 totals as a ball carrier last

season, with three receptions.


Pos: Hard-working lead blocker with marginal athleticism.  Attacks assignments, is strong at the point and seals defenders from the action.  Flashes the ability to get around the corner.  Adequate receiver out of the backfield.


Neg: Possesses marginal playing speed and does not finish blocks.  Not an

offensive threat.


Analysis: Offering good size as a lead blocker, Snow is a one-dimensional fullback with potential for a team with a run-first offense.


Full Name:     Roshon Vercher          School:           Fresno State  

Ht:   5-10         Wt:   252            40:   4.82                Year:     5Sr


Bio: Three-year starter used mainly as a lead blocker.  Carried the ball a

combined 10 times for 25 yards the past three years.


Pos: Hard-working, aggressive fullback who opens running lanes.  Attacks

blocking assignments, is strong at the point and knocks defenders off the

ball.  Breaks down well, squares into opponents and is explosive at the

point.  Gets chips on defenders to knock them from their angle of attack in

pass protection.  Shows outstanding blocking vision.


Neg: Not quick off the snap, possesses marginal playing speed and struggles

getting around the corner.  Not an offensive threat.


Analysis: A lead blocker who does the little things well, Vercher has the attitude and ability to make it as a second fullback placed on the field during short-yardage situations.




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