10-Team NFFC Cutline Championship Draft Recap

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by John Hansen, Publisher

Published, 7/31/14


I participated on Wednesday night in a 26-round, 10-team draft for the NFFC Cutline Championship. This was against all subscribers, so it’s not an easy field for me. Not only do these people get all of our information, but they also know exactly what my Draft Plan is. Of course, that plan is flexible, and with so much depth at the skill positions this year, I believe I came away with an unbelievably loaded squad and one that looks much better to me than the one I drafted last year in this exact same league. I won the league last year, but I had no chance of making a move in the big contest because I didn’t make a single WW move all year (there are only three weeks of waivers all season in this league). But this year, I want to follow this team closely because I believe I have a chance to make a real run. 


This league is unique in that it’s very deep rosters (10 teams, 260 players drafted) and since you’re only allowed three Waiver Wire moves all year, I was a little more focused on durability and handcuffing my top players. I was also more focused than usual on ascending, upside-oriented players.


This is a PPR league with all TDs worth 6 points. Otherwise, the scoring and starting lineup requirements are pretty standard.


Draft Recap


ROUND           PICK   PLAYER          POS     TEAM

1        1        LeSean McCoy          RB      Carolina Tar Heels

1        2        Adrian Peterson        RB      Jersey Jinx

1        3        Jamaal Charles         RB      The Yellow Kings

1        4        Eddie Lacy               RB      Team Evans

1        5        Matt Forte               RB      Mighty Mighty Mumus

1        6        Demaryius Thomas   WR     Team Strang

1        7        Calvin Johnson         WR     Pusher

1          8          Montee Ball               RB       Team Hansen

1        9        Jimmy Graham         TE      Brockman Blitz

1        10      A.J. Green               WR     Guru's Guru


Analysis: This first round was a little more RB-heavy than is typical right now, but otherwise there were no surprises here. I expected Ball to be my pick, but the question is would I have taken either Thomas or Calvin if they fell to me. I probably would have and then I would have taken a RB. Obviously, I’m comfortable with Ball this high. Do I think I’ll be doing cartwheels due to Ball? Not for sure, but I’m confident I really won’t regret this pick, and I could certainly wind up loving it. Ball’s durability is a huge key to me because his value is all about situation.


Good Value: None.


Bad Value: None.


ROUND           PICK   PLAYER          POS     TEAM

2        1        Dez Bryant              WR     Guru's Guru

2        2        DeMarco Murray       RB      Brockman Blitz

2          3          Brandon Marshall    WR      Team Hansen

2        4        Peyton Manning        QB      Pusher

2        5        Giovani Bernard        RB      Team Strang

2        6        Jordy Nelson            WR     Mighty Mighty Mumus

2        7        Le'Veon Bell             RB      Team Evans

2        8        Antonio Brown          WR     The Yellow Kings

2        9        Drew Brees             QB      Jersey Jinx

2        10      Julio Jones               WR     Carolina Tar Heels


Analysis: My ideal draft has me getting that stud RB and then a stud WR, that’s what I did. Marshall is chiseled once again this summer and is showing no signs of slowdown. In fact, in year two of Marc Trestman’s offense, and as the receiver they move around the most, massive digits should be forthcoming once again in 2014.


Good Value: I’d say Julio Jones was a value at 20 overall. That’s a scary duo along with McCoy. Wow.


Bad Value: I can’t call Peyton Manning or Drew Brees a bad value, but my plan was clearly not to draft a QB this early. I got Brees last year in this draft in the 3rd, and that round would have been way more palatable.


ROUND           PICK   PLAYER          POS     TEAM

3        1        Julius Thomas          TE      Carolina Tar Heels

3        2        Pierre Garcon           WR     Jersey Jinx

3        3        Aaron Rodgers         QB      The Yellow Kings

3        4        Keenan Allen            WR     Team Evans

3        5        Alshon Jeffery                   WR     Mighty Mighty Mumus

3        6        Randall Cobb            WR     Team Strang

3        7        Rob Gronkowski       TE      Pusher

3          8          Doug Martin              RB       Team Hansen

3        9        Arian Foster             RB      Brockman Blitz

3        10      Marshawn Lynch       RB      Guru's Guru


Analysis: I was kind of forced to make this pick, but I fully endorse it (obviously). Martin’s not perfect, but he’s about 27 picks cheaper this year, and I really like the Bucs’ chances of exceling on offense, and I’m feeling pretty good about Martin in a backfield with a professional QB in Josh McCown and myriad weapons at receiver. There should be a lot less pressure on Martin this year.


Good Value: In any league, I’m going to feel better about Aaron Rodgers in the 3rd than Peyton or Brees in the 2nd, but we are probably higher on Rodgers this year than most. I would have taken either Keenan Allen or Randall Cobb if either fell to me.


Bad Value: None.


ROUND           PICK   PLAYER          POS     TEAM

4        1        Alfred Morris            RB      Guru's Guru

4        2        Victor Cruz              WR     Brockman Blitz

4          3          Andre Ellington        RB       Team Hansen

4        4        Andre Johnson         WR     Pusher

4        5        C.J. Spiller               RB      Team Strang

4        6        Zac Stacy                RB      Mighty Mighty Mumus

4        7        Vincent Jackson        WR     Team Evans

4        8        Shane Vereen          RB      The Yellow Kings

4        9        Rashad Jennings       RB      Jersey Jinx

4        10      Michael Floyd  WR     Carolina Tar Heels


Analysis: I seriously considered Michael Floyd here, but I had to pull the trigger on the guy who Bruce Arians told me he was going to build his offense around in 2014 in Ellington. I’m now pretty loaded at RB, and I do have that stud WR to hang my hat on, so I’m feeling strong.


Good Value: Pretty solid value here for Alfred Morris.


Bad Value: This was an overpay for Rashad Jennings, whom I do like. His durability questions knocked him down a round from here in my mind, but he’ll be fine if he stays healthy.


ROUND           PICK   PLAYER          POS     TEAM

5        1        Cordarrelle Patterson WR     Carolina Tar Heels

5        2        Larry Fitzgerald        WR     Jersey Jinx

5        3        Ryan Mathews          RB      The Yellow Kings

5        4        Jeremy Maclin          WR     Team Evans

5        5        Reggie Bush             RB      Mighty Mighty Mumus

5        6        Roddy White            WR     Team Strang

5        7        Michael Crabtree       WR     Pusher

5          8          Jordan Cameron      TE        Team Hansen

5        9        T.Y. Hilton               WR     Brockman Blitz

5        10      Mike Wallace            WR     Guru's Guru


Analysis: I was all ready to steal Roddy White, but it wasn’t to be. This is not a value for Jordan Cameron, especially with a suspect QB situation, but I’m enamored with his physical skills and think he’s a star talent. Looking at the players on the board, I think it was time to go BPA and get another stud in my starting lineup.


Good Value: Reggie Bush fell a little, likely due to the continued emergence of Joique Bell but perhaps also due to the ascension of Theo Riddick, a Bush-type of player, who looks to be earning some snaps. 


Bad Value: I love T.Y. Hilton, but he’s a tough call this year. The much-improved receiving corps could easily help him make more big plays with less attention, but this is still an offense that is based on power running, and they want to run it a lot. I’d have to say this was 1-2 rounds too early.


ROUND           PICK   PLAYER          POS     TEAM

6        1        Trent Richardson      RB      Guru's Guru

6        2        Sammy Watkins       WR     Brockman Blitz

6          3          Andrew Luck QB       Team Hansen

6        4        Joique Bell               RB      Pusher

6        5        Toby Gerhart           RB      Team Strang

6        6        Matthew Stafford     QB      Mighty Mighty Mumus

6        7        Robert Griffin III       QB      Team Evans

6        8        Wes Welker             WR     The Yellow Kings

6        9        Lamar Miller             RB      Jersey Jinx

6        10      Pierre Thomas          RB      Carolina Tar Heels


Analysis: I’m not getting tremendous value in this draft, but I am loading up on the players that I like and who should be impact players, so I’m feeling good. It takes a lot of discipline to pass on a guy like Luck and get better value for a guy like Matt Ryan, but I didn’t love anyone else at WR, as I already had three RBs and a TE.


Good Value: Toby Gerhart or Trent Richardson would have been a solid values in this round, but I already had three RBs. Pierre Thomas was a solid value even in the 6th round. He’s going to get 70+ catches if he’s healthy.


Bad Value: This was too early for Lamar Miller. He could be a nice option, but taking him this high builds in some downside. It’s entirely possible in 3-4 weeks that Knowshon Moreno is back in the mix for 50% of the touches or more. Miller’s an intriguing option, but 1-2 rounds later.


ROUND           PICK   PLAYER          POS     TEAM

7        1        Stevan Ridley           RB      Carolina Tar Heels

7        2        Jason Witten            TE      Jersey Jinx

7        3        Kendall Wright WR     The Yellow Kings

7        4        Jordan Reed            TE      Team Evans

7        5        DeSean Jackson       WR     Mighty Mighty Mumus

7        6        Percy Harvin            WR     Team Strang

7        7        Bishop Sankey         RB      Pusher

7          8          Julian Edelman         WR      Team Hansen

7        9        Marques Colston       WR     Brockman Blitz

7        10      Matt Ryan               QB      Guru's Guru


Analysis: I’m obviously thin at WR, so I had to get one. I considered Marques Colston, but his ADP was lower than this, so I opted to see if I could get him 1-2 rounds later. That was not to be the case, likely since these are guru subscribers I’m going up against. Julian Edelman was very much worth a shot in this round, and while there are other guys who could steal some looks, I still fully expect Edelman to lead the team in WR targets, so the main issue with him is durability.


Good Value: I was ready to take a flyer on Percy Harvin here, since this is actually a really good value. Matt Ryan was also a nice value. At this point, even Bishop Sankey made sense and was something of a value.


Bad Value: None.


ROUND           PICK   PLAYER          POS     TEAM

8        1        Kyle Rudolph            TE      Guru's Guru

8        2        Ray Rice                 RB      Brockman Blitz

8          3          Emmanuel Sanders WR      Team Hansen

8        4        Chris Johnson           RB      Pusher

8        5        Nick Foles               QB      Team Strang

8        6        Reggie Wayne          WR     Mighty Mighty Mumus

8        7        Ben Tate                 RB      Team Evans

8        8        Terrance Williams     WR     The Yellow Kings

8        9        Kenny Stills              WR     Jersey Jinx

8        10      Colin Kaepernick       QB      Carolina Tar Heels


Analysis: Still looking to fortify my WR corps, and I liked how my team was setting up to pluck a #2 in a great offense in Emmanuel Sanders as my #3. If Wes Welker has another concussion, Sanders’ value could soar, so I liked this pick.


Good Value: This was certainly nice value for Nick Foles and Colin Kaepernick. If you want to get the best possible value at QB, these are two of the top guys to look at 70+ picks in. I’m not big on Chris Johnson or Ben Tate this year, but they were affordable in this round and worth a shot. Even Ray Rice was a decent flyer at this point. Remember that these shakier RBs are slipping even further this year, as fantasy players are a little spooked by the RB disappointments last year.


Bad Value: I really like Kenny Stills, but this was a little too early to select him. He’ll usually fall 2-3 more rounds.


ROUND           PICK   PLAYER          POS     TEAM

9        1        Golden Tate             WR     Carolina Tar Heels

9        2        Carlos Hyde             RB      Jersey Jinx

9        3        Vernon Davis           TE      The Yellow Kings

9        4        Torrey Smith           WR     Team Evans

9        5        Dwayne Bowe          WR     Mighty Mighty Mumus

9        6        Greg Olsen              TE      Team Strang

9        7        Brandin Cooks WR     Pusher

9          8          Devonta Freeman    RB       Team Hansen

9        9        DeAndre Hopkins      WR     Brockman Blitz

9        10      Mike Evans              WR     Guru's Guru


Analysis: I was completely prepared to grab Brandin Cooks here for WR upside, but he went one pick ahead of me. So I went with another upside rookie in Devonta Freeman. As my RB4, I was pleased to get him in this round.


Good Value: This was actually really good value for Vernon Davis, and I liked the picks of Golden Tate, Torrey Smith, and Dwayne Bowe considering the round.


Bad Value: I love Carlos Hyde long-term, but even a 9th-round pick was a tad early for him. If Frank Gore stays healthy all year yet again, Hyde’s impact could be minimal. I’m not a big DeAndre Hopkins guy, so I didn’t love that pick, but he looks better this summer, at least.


ROUND           PICK   PLAYER          POS     TEAM

10      1        Frank Gore              RB      Guru's Guru

10      2        Tony Romo              QB      Brockman Blitz

10        3          Tavon Austin WR      Team Hansen

10      4        Darren Sproles         RB      Pusher

10      5        Fred Jackson           RB      Team Strang

10      6        Maurice Jones-Drew  RB      Mighty Mighty Mumus

10      7        Tom Brady              QB      Team Evans

10      8        Cam Newton            QB      The Yellow Kings

10      9        Greg Jennings          WR     Jersey Jinx

10      10      Khiry Robinson         RB      Carolina Tar Heels


Analysis: This is about where I almost completely turned to play-to-win mode and started selecting almost all young WRs with upside. Fred Jackson would have been a great value, but I already had four RBs. The bottom line with Austin is that he’s an elite mover, and he’s at least had a year in the league. I doubt he’ll be as productive as Cordarrelle Patterson, but they are comparable, and Austin came five rounds cheaper.


Good Value: As usual, Tony Romo was a value, and Tom Brady was surely cheap. So was Cam Newton. I did take my QB in the 6th, so these guys who took QBs later got way better value than I did. Frank Gore has to be considered a value at this later stage. As mentioned, Jackson was also a nice value.


Bad Value: I do like Greg Jennings, but I didn’t take him here because I thought I could get him 1-2 rounds later. Khiry Robinson is definitely “sexier” than Mark Ingram, but even in the 10th round, this could be a bit of an overpay for a guy who should share the ball all year if Ingram is healthy.


ROUND           PICK   PLAYER          POS     TEAM

11      1        Marvin Jones            WR     Carolina Tar Heels

11      2        Terrance West         RB      Jersey Jinx

11      3        Knowshon Moreno     RB      The Yellow Kings

11      4        Dennis Pitta             TE      Team Evans

11      5        Zach Ertz                TE      Mighty Mighty Mumus

11      6        Danny Woodhead      RB      Team Strang

11      7        Rueben Randle         WR     Pusher

11        8          Jeremy Hill                RB       Team Hansen

11      9        Eric Decker              WR     Brockman Blitz

11      10      Eric Ebron               TE      Guru's Guru


Analysis: I was ready to take Dennis Pitta, Zach Ertz (you can start a TE as a flex), and Reuben Randle, but they all went in this round in front of me. So I continued to go young with a quality bench option in Jeremy Hill, who is really standing out as a nice depth option. He’s actually my fifth back, so I’m set at this position.


Good Value: If he’s healthy in 2-3 weeks, Knowshon Moreno could be a handy player still, so he was worth a shot. Danny Woodhead was definitely worth picking this late, given his productive season in this offense last year.


Bad Value: None.


ROUND           PICK   PLAYER          POS     TEAM

12      1        Russell Wilson          QB      Guru's Guru

12      2        Lance Dunbar           RB      Brockman Blitz

12        3          Steven Jackson        RB       Team Hansen

12      4        Christine Michael       RB      Pusher

12      5        Anquan Boldin WR     Team Strang

12      6        Ladarius Green         TE      Mighty Mighty Mumus

12      7        DeAngelo Williams     RB      Team Evans

12      8        Knile Davis              RB      The Yellow Kings

12      9        Antonio Gates          TE      Jersey Jinx

12      10      Jay Cutler                QB      Carolina Tar Heels


Analysis: I didn’t love breaking my string of taking young, “Gurrific” players, but Steven Jackson would have been drafted 5-6 rounds earlier had this draft taken place 2-3 days earlier, and with Freeman already in tow I felt it was important to lock up this backfield (I even ended up taking Jacquizz Rodgers very late). With only three WW periods all year depth is important, but I have locked in the Falcon backfield no matter what.


Good Value: This is going to end up being a great value for Jay Cutler, whose upside is higher this year than it’s ever been. If healthy all 16 games, he’ll be a top-7 QB.


Bad Value: I get it with some of these picks like Christine Michael and Knile Davis, but this was 1-2 rounds too soon for guys who might not have any legit value. I thought Lance Dunbar was a reach this high.


ROUND           PICK   PLAYER          POS     TEAM

13      1        Martellus Bennett      TE      Carolina Tar Heels

13      2        Philip Rivers             QB      Jersey Jinx

13      3        Heath Miller             TE      The Yellow Kings

13      4        James Starks           RB      Team Evans

13      5        Charles Clay            TE      Mighty Mighty Mumus

13      6        Cecil Shorts III         WR     Team Strang

13      7        Darren McFadden     RB      Pusher

13        8          Kelvin Benjamin       WR      Team Hansen

13      9        Bernard Pierce         RB      Brockman Blitz

13      10      Ahmad Bradshaw      RB      Guru's Guru


Analysis: I’m pretty locked in right now to selecting almost all young players, sleeper types, and I liked Kelvin Benjamin as my WR5. He’s a lock to start and get red-zone targets in this offense, and he has some upside because of that and his unique size and movement. I probably should have taken a shot here with Josh Gordon, but I was focused on acquiring young upside guys who, you know, are a lock to play in 2014.


Good Value: Cecil Shorts is really banged up right now and the injuries are mounting, but I would have taken him here if I had the chance. I still think a healthy Shorts is still the #1, and he’s Chad Henne’s guy. Bernard Pierce this late was a pretty good value; he can be started at least the first two weeks of the season. Ahmad Bradshaw was a worthy flyer this late given the Vick Ballard injury.


Bad Value: I’m not against picks like Heath Miller, James Starks, and Charles Clay, but I would have wanted to get even more value for them.


ROUND           PICK   PLAYER          POS     TEAM

14      1        Roy Helu Jr.             RB      Guru's Guru

14      2        Jared Cook              TE      Brockman Blitz

14        3          St. Louis DST DST     Team Hansen

14      4        Hakeem Nicks          WR     Pusher

14      5        Seattle DST             DST    Team Strang

14      6        Andy Dalton             QB      Mighty Mighty Mumus

14      7        Danny Amendola      WR     Team Evans

14      8        Josh Gordon            WR     The Yellow Kings

14      9        Matt Prater              K        Jersey Jinx

14      10      Markus Wheaton       WR     Carolina Tar Heels


Analysis: In a league so deep, you’re going to have plenty of depth options to choose from at all the skill positions – heck I won this league without making a single WW move all year last year – so I thought it was fine to pay a little for an impact starter in the Ram D. I’m VERY high on them with that nasty D-line and with the ultra-aggressive Gregg Williams. I know DTs have been a mess, so I also took a backup DT that I might use here and there based on matchups. Hopefully, I won’t have to “stream” defenses, which is less viable in this type of league, anyway.


Good Value: The news on Josh Gordon will come down any way, but this is a free lottery pick. I also liked Markus Wheaton in this round as an upside pick.


Bad Value: This was probably a round or two too early for Roy Helu, but he probably will, in fact, settle in as the #2 RB and have some value.


ROUND           PICK   PLAYER          POS     TEAM

15      1        Justin Hunter            WR     Carolina Tar Heels

15      2        Riley Cooper            WR     Jersey Jinx

15      3        San Francisco          DST    The Yellow Kings

15      4        Denarius Moore        WR     Team Evans

15      5        James Jones            WR     Mighty Mighty Mumus

15      6        Dexter McCluster      RB      Team Strang

15      7        Jordan Matthews      WR     Pusher

15        8          Delanie Walker        TE        Team Hansen

15      9        Kenny Britt              WR     Brockman Blitz

15      10      Steve Smith Sr.        WR     Guru's Guru


Analysis: I really wanted Justin Hunter here and probably should have taken him a couple of rounds earlier. I also screwed up and accidentally crossed Kenny Britt off my cheat sheet (I still use a single piece of paper). But while Delanie Walker isn’t a sexy pick, he’s a nice backup. Walker told me last December that he’s just not starting to get it in terms of being a #1 TE, so I liked him as my #2.


Good Value: Justin Hunter was a great value here considering his significant upside. Jordan Matthews could wind up being a nice pick, but one with limited upside. Same with Steve Smith.


Bad Value: The 49er DT has fallen short of brand-name recognition for years now, so I didn’t like that pick. Denarius Moore may be the odd man out in terms of being a featured receiver in Oakland, so that could have been a wasted pick.


ROUND           PICK   PLAYER          POS     TEAM

16      1        Denver DST             DST    Guru's Guru

16      2        Eli Manning              QB      Brockman Blitz

16        3          Andrew Hawkins     WR      Team Hansen

16      4        Charles Sims            RB      Pusher

16      5        Jarrett Boykin          WR     Team Strang

16      6        Cleveland                DST    DST    Mighty Mighty Mumus

16      7        Tampa Bay              DST    DST    Team Evans

16      8        Andre Brown            RB      The Yellow Kings

16      9        Lance Moore            WR     Jersey Jinx

16      10      Cincinnati DST DST    Carolina Tar Heels


Analysis: I got greedy here, as I thought Charles Sims might last another round. He wound up going right after I grabbed Andrew Hawkins as my sixth receiver. That’s a nice depth option for this type of league, and he’ll likely be a handy bye week fill-in.


Good Value: Jarett Boykin was a solid value at this late stage; that’s for sure. I passed on him because I’m all about upside, but he does have some if there’s another WR injury in GB to one of the top two guys.


Bad Value: Lance Moore does nothing for me here, even in the 16th round.


ROUND           PICK   PLAYER          POS     TEAM

17      1        Shonn Greene          RB      Carolina Tar Heels

17      2        Carolina DST            DST    Jersey Jinx

17      3        Donald Brown          RB      The Yellow Kings

17      4        Mark Ingram            RB      Team Evans

17      5        Andre Williams         RB      Mighty Mighty Mumus

17      6        Chris Ivory              RB      Team Strang

17      7        Dwayne Allen           TE      Pusher

17        8          Marqise Lee              WR      Team Hansen

17      9        Brian Hartline           WR     Brockman Blitz

17      10      LeGarrette Blount     RB      Guru's Guru


Analysis: With Mark Ingram gone, I went right back to looking for high-upside guys, and Marquise Lee fits the bill, especially with Cecil Shorts really banged-up right now. Lee has been strong in camp thus far, and they’ve been moving him around. He’ll probably need a year of seasoning, but his pedigree is strong and he’s clearly going to get a chance to settle in as the #1 here.


Good Value: I was about ready to get a value at RB with Mark Ingram, who went a whopping seven rounds after Khiry Robinson. Thing is, their values could be equal, and Ingram could even have more value (he’s actually running with the starters now in camp). Chris Ivory was a worthwhile pick this late, as was Shonn Greene.


Bad Value: None.


ROUND           PICK   PLAYER          POS     TEAM

18      1        Robert Turbin           RB      Guru's Guru

18      2        Arizona DST             DST    Brockman Blitz

18        3          James White             RB       Team Hansen

18      4        Kansas City             DST    DST    Pusher

18      5        Ben Roethlisberger    QB      Team Strang

18      6        Josh McCown           QB      Mighty Mighty Mumus

18      7        Jonathan Stewart      RB      Team Evans

18      8        Carson Palmer         QB      The Yellow Kings

18      9        Doug Baldwin           WR     Jersey Jinx

18      10      Harry Douglas          WR     Carolina Tar Heels


Analysis: This kid James White might be going 30+ picks earlier in a couple of weeks, so I really liked this pick in this type of league (deep rosters, minimal WW rounds).


Good Value: I liked the two QBs in this round in Ben Roethlisberger, Carson Palmer and Josh McCown. Doug Baldwin is a very sneaky pick this late.


Bad Value: The team that took Robert Turbin did also draft Marshawn Lynch (but missed out on Christine Michael), so I get that. But that was early for Turbin, most likely.


ROUND           PICK   PLAYER          POS     TEAM

19      1        Phil Dawson             K        Carolina Tar Heels

19      2        Bryce Brown            RB      Jersey Jinx

19      3        Buffalo DST             DST    The Yellow Kings

19      4        Miles Austin             WR     Team Evans

19      5        Tre Mason               RB      Mighty Mighty Mumus

19      6        Tyler Eifert              TE      Team Strang

19      7        Cody Latimer           WR     Pusher

19        8          Ryan Tannehill         QB       Team Hansen

19      9        Aaron Dobson          WR     Brockman Blitz

19      10      David Wilson            RB      Guru's Guru


Analysis: I was a little upset my guy Phil Dawson went off the board, but I did still get a good kicker later. Andrew Luck is my QB and he’s very durable, but he does have a bye week and no one is invincible, so I did need a backup. I got strong value with a solid QB2 in Tannehill.


Good Value: Getting a talent like Tyler Eifert this late was definitely a value. At this point, Miles Austin was certainly worth a shot. I took Andrew Hawkins over him, but that’s obviously a function of his lack of durability.


Bad Value: None.


ROUND           PICK   PLAYER          POS     TEAM

20      1        Brandon LaFell         WR     Guru's Guru

20      2        Ronnie Hillman          RB      Brockman Blitz

20        3          C.J. Anderson           RB      Team Hansen

20      4        Alex Smith               QB      Pusher

20      5        Stephen Gostkowski  K        Team Strang

20      6        Jonathan Dwyer       RB      Mighty Mighty Mumus

20      7        Robert Woods          WR     Team Evans

20      8        Rod Streater            WR     The Yellow Kings

20      9        Kenbrell Thompkins   WR     Jersey Jinx

20      10      Chris Polk                RB      Carolina Tar Heels


Analysis: Ronnie Hillman went right in front of my C.J. Anderson pick, but if that wasn’t the case, I would have still taken Anderson to protect my Montee Ball pick. Ball is a durable back, but he was my #1 pick. Hillman’s been playing over Anderson in practice, but let’s not forget that this time last year Hillman was running with the ones over Ball and Knowshon Moreno. My sense is they are preparing for Hillman to have a role, but if Ball is out I still believe Anderson will be the main guy, or will at least get half of the touches in this backfield.


Good Value: Alex Smith was actually a value at this point. I liked the Robert Woods pick here, he’s a sneaky value.


Bad Value: None.


ROUND           PICK   PLAYER          POS     TEAM

21      1        Baltimore                DST    DST    Carolina Tar Heels

21      2        Justin Tucker           K        Jersey Jinx

21      3        Eddie Royal              WR     The Yellow Kings

21      4        Sam Bradford          QB      Team Evans

21      5        Mason Crosby          K        Mighty Mighty Mumus

21      6        Stevie Johnson         WR     Team Strang

21      7        Davante Adams        WR     Pusher

21        8          Steven Hauschka     K          Team Hansen

21      9        Mike Williams           WR     Brockman Blitz

21      10      Dan Bailey               K        Guru's Guru


Analysis: After missing out on Dawson, I was happy to get an elite PK for my starting lineup in Hauschka, who is money.


Good Value: None.


Bad Value: Not feeling the Eddie Royal pick, as the Chargers should go with even more 2-TE sets, thus limiting his snaps.


ROUND           PICK   PLAYER          POS     TEAM

22      1        Adam Vinatieri          K        Guru's Guru

22      2        Alfred Blue              RB      Brockman Blitz

22        3          Andre Holmes          WR      Team Hansen

22      4        Shayne Graham       K        Pusher

22      5        Stepfan Taylor         RB      Team Strang

22      6        New York (N)                    DST    DST    Mighty Mighty Mumus

22      7        New England            DST    DST    Team Evans

22      8        Nick Novak              K        The Yellow Kings

22      9        Odell Beckham Jr.     WR     Jersey Jinx

22      10      Greg Zuerlein           K        Carolina Tar Heels


Analysis: Andre Holmes is doing really well in camp, and he had a great off-season. The more I look at him, the more I think he could be a major player in this offense, so I grabbed him. I probably should have taken Stepfan Taylor as something of a handcuff for Andre Ellington, but I got greedy and thought that Taylor would slip further.


Good Value: I actually didn’t notice that Odell Beckham was available, and I would have grabbed him if I did, so that was a great value. I liked the Patriot Defense here, as well.


Bad Value: None.


ROUND           PICK   PLAYER          POS     TEAM

23      1        Jarvis Landry           WR     Carolina Tar Heels

23      2        Luke McCown           QB      Jersey Jinx

23      3        Robbie Gould            K        The Yellow Kings

23      4        Matt Bryant             K        Team Evans

23      5        Kai Forbath              K        Mighty Mighty Mumus

23      6        New Orleans            DST    DST    Team Strang

23      7        Houston DST            DST    Pusher

23        8          Travis Kelce              TE        Team Hansen

23      9        Chicago DST            DST    Brockman Blitz

23      10      Peyton Hillis             RB      Guru's Guru


Analysis: Looking for more legit potential and upside at TE, I took a flyer on Travis Kelce, who could easily emerge as the #2 option in this passing game if all goes well with his knee. That was a very worthy flyer this late as my TE3.


Good Value: I liked Jarvis Landry here quite a bit. I think he’ll eventually be the #3/slot guy here, and that’s a really nice spot for him.


Bad Value: None.


ROUND           PICK   PLAYER          POS     TEAM

24      1        Jerricho Cotchery      WR     Guru's Guru

24      2        EJ Manuel                QB      Brockman Blitz

24        3          Jacquizz Rodgers    RB       Team Hansen

24      4        Garrett Graham        TE      Pusher

24      5        Jay Feely                K        Team Strang

24      6        Jerick McKinnon        RB      Mighty Mighty Mumus

24      7        Kirk Cousins             QB      Team Evans

24      8        Mike Tolbert             RB      The Yellow Kings

24      9        Coby Fleener           TE      Jersey Jinx

24      10      Jermaine Kearse       WR     Carolina Tar Heels


Analysis: I already have the top-2 backs in the Falcon backfield, so I figured I might as well lock it up with Jacquizz Rodgers. I now own the Atlanta backfield without paying much at all for it.


Good Value: Jerricho Cotchery will be a key receiver here, so this was a value. Garrett Graham was probably a safer pick than my Kelce pick, and he was also a value. Coby Fleener was a decent value here, as well. EJ Manuel really fell, so he was worth a shot for sure.


Bad Value: None.


ROUND           PICK   PLAYER          POS     TEAM

25      1        Storm Johnson         RB      Carolina Tar Heels

25      2        Mohamed Sanu        WR     Jersey Jinx

25      3        Andrew Quarless      TE      The Yellow Kings

25      4        Blair Walsh              K        Team Evans

25      5        De'Anthony Thomas  RB      Mighty Mighty Mumus

25      6        Jordan Todman        RB      Team Strang

25      7        Nate Freese             K        Pusher

25        8          Johnny Manziel        QB       Team Hansen

25      9        Nick Folk                 K        Brockman Blitz

25      10      Pittsburgh                DST    DST    Guru's Guru


Analysis: I’m obviously being aggressive here and playing to win, but is taking Johnny Manziel as my QB3 in the 25th round really that aggressive? Not really, since he’s already getting some opportunities to show what he can do with the first-team offense. He’s been a little bit of a mess and we’re getting mixed signals, but he’s a gameday guy, not exactly a practice guy.


Good Value: De'Anthony Thomas was worth a shot here, for sure. Andrew Quarless could certainly be the starter in GB still.


Bad Value: None.


ROUND           PICK   PLAYER          POS     TEAM

26      1        Michael Vick             QB      Guru's Guru

26      2        Alex Henery             K        Brockman Blitz

26        3          Green Bay                 DST     Team Hansen

26      4        Richard Rodgers       TE      Pusher

26      5        Travaris Cadet         RB      Team Strang

26      6        Matt Schaub            QB      Mighty Mighty Mumus

26      7        Washington              DST    DST    Team Evans

26      8        Cole Beasley            WR     The Yellow Kings

26      9        Matt Asiata              RB      Jersey Jinx

26      10      Ka'Deem Carey        RB      Carolina Tar Heels


Analysis: I almost took Jermichael Finley as a Hail-Mary pick as my fourth TE, but I opted for the Packer defense, which is actually pretty loaded with talent and could be a nice sleeper this year. This way, I’ll have more flexibility playing the matchups if the Rams don’t have a good one in a particular week.


Good Value: Ka’Deem Carey was a nice stash-and-hope pick, especially this late.


Bad Value: None.


Overall analysis:

I was obviously being very aggressive, but one of the great lessons learned from 2013 was that you might as well play to win in the second half of the draft, and I certainly did that. My team is loaded with very young players, which some may be critical of, but at the time of my picks they all made a lot of sense to me. It’s a young man’s game, and I need only 2-3 of my later picks to pop to have a deadly lineup.


My course of action wasn’t ideal in terms of value, but I got a ton of players I really like, and I think this team is very loaded and built to not only thrive with minimal work on the WW, but also make a run in the overall Cutline Championship if I put in some work on the WW.


Projected starting lineup (PPR):


QB: Andrew Luck

RB1: Montee Ball

RB2: Doug Martin

WR1: Brandon Marshall

WR2: Julian Edelman

WR3: Emmanuel Sanders

TE: Jordan Cameron

Flex: Andre Ellington

PK: Steven Hauschka

DT: St. Louis Rams




QBs: Ryan Tannehill, Johnny Manziel

RBs: Devonta Freeman, Jeremy Hill, Steven Jackson, James White, C.J. Anderson, Jacquizz Rodgers

WRs: Tavon Austin, Kelvin Benjamin, Marqise Lee, Andrew Hawkins, Andre Holmes

TEs: Delanie Walker, Travis Kelce

PK: None

DT: Green Bay Packers







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