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One of the oldest and most respected fantasy sports services on the Internet, we've delivered the most innovative strategies, perspectives, predictions, player projections, and cool web-based tools on the market since 1995.
No company has dominated the industry's "Expert Leagues" and polls than us, with 16 league titles total. Our subscriber won WCOFF in 2006, came in 2nd in 2007, as well as RotoBowl and 2nd place overall in the NFFC. These four readers alone won $270,000 in '06-'07.
We were the first fantasy football web site to provide content for ESPN.com back in 1996, and we've been regularly seen and heard on NFL Network, Sirius NFL Radio, Comcast Sportsnet, and many more media outlets since then. The most "connected" fantasy sports service around, we interact with NFL players, coaches, analysts, agents, and insiders to give our subscribers the inside scoop.
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Staff Bios

John Hansen

Hansen has published FantasyGuru.com, one of the oldest fantasy information sites on the Internet, since 1995. A former rock disc jockey, Hansen began appearing on a sports cable TV show in New Jersey under the name “The Fantasy Guru” in 1994 and quickly gained a reputation for his predictions and evaluations. Hansen’s first foray in the fantasy sports media business was a position at ESPN.com, where he was the first fantasy football columnist for the popular Web site, starting in 1996.


As the years passed, Hansen’s reputation as an authority on fantasy football grew quickly, due in large part to his success as a fantasy player in high-profile “Expert Leagues” comprised only of fantasy writers, and his exposure on national TV, Radio, and Print. In the various fantasy football expert leagues put on by numerous media entities such as ESPN, CBS Sportsline, and Yahoo! Sports, Hansen has consistently excelled, winning 18 titles, including championships in leagues run by those three outlets. He also twice won the $5000 Champ's Challenge, a league comprised of fantasy football site owners and run by a competing site awarded that $5000 to the league winner. After Hansen won back-to-back titles, the contest ceased to exist in 2006. In 2008, he won the NFL.com Expert League as well as Expert Leagues for Fantasy Sports Magazine, Fantasy Forecast Magazine, as well a his 12-team league in Rotobowl, where he finished the regular season 3rd overall in points (out of 400 teams).


When the NFL Network and NFL Films decided to cover fantasy sports, they called Hansen, who appeared weekly on “NFL Fantasy Live” alongside former NFL Player Ron Jaworski and on the NFL Network's “Playbook” show alongside former NFL Players Sterling Sharpe and Solomon Wilcots. And when the NFL wanted to produce a strategy-based preseason DVD on fantasy football in 2003, Hansen was asked to be the prominent expert. Currently, Hansen appears weekly (since 2003) as the chief fantasy analyst on the “Fantasy Fix” show on Comcast Sportsnet’s local stations in Philadelphia, Chicago, New York, Baltimore/Washington, Sacramento, and others. The show is also aired nationally on Direct TV.

In 2004, Sirius NFL Radio, the official Satellite Radio partner of the NFL, was born, and Hansen was contracted to host the network’s weekly show “Sirius Fantasy Football.” In 2009, the show will be in it's 6th season. And after appearing in numerous fantasy print magazines over the years, Hansen in 2003 launched FantasyGuru.com Magazine, an annual fantasy football magazine on newsstands each July. Hansen also writes for Yahoo! Sports and had a nationally-syndicated newspaper column that appears weekly in papers such as the Chicago Sun-Times, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, and the Las Vegas Review-Journal


Specializing in football, Hansen is one of the most “connected” fantasy writers in the country and attends events such as the Super Bowl, NFL Draft, and the annual Scouting Combine, interacting with NFL players, coaches, analysts, agents, and insiders alike.


A 1993 graduate of Rowan University, Hansen is married with four children and resides in Southern New Jersey, just outside of Atlantic City, where he spends his spare time coaching little league baseball.

Footballinjuries.com Staff
With FantasyGuru.com merging with footballinjuries.com in 2008,
The footballinjuries.com staff will have active roles in 2008 and beyond. First and foremost, Editor Adam Caplan will be a regular contributor going forward. Footballinuries.com Publisher Steve Cohen will also be offering his information and expertise to our service and to readers via regular chats from August-December. FantasyGuru.com subscribers will also benefit from the inside information that Caplan, Cohen, and the rest of the footballinjuries.com staff, including NFL Insider Jay Glazer, have always brought to the table.

"Now, with our sites joining forces, we firmly believe that no other fantasy service will be able match us in terms of the tools and type of information that we can provide, said Steve Cohen, the former Publisher of footballinjuries.com.

Adam Caplan
NFL Analyst/Insider
With FantasyGuru.com merging with footballinjuries.com in 2008, NFL Insider Adam Caplan has come on board as a regular contributor to FantasyGuru.com. 

Caplan has been covering the NFL and fantasy football for almost 15 years, most notably as the editor of Footballinjuries.com, which merged with FantasyGuru.com in 2008. Caplan has also been a national NFL reporter for Scout.com since 2004. In addition, he works as Sirius NFL Radio host and also appears regularly on various shows, breaking news on the air, and also co-hosting "Sirius Fantasy Football" with FantasyGuru.com publisher John Hansen.

Caplan has also been heard on ESPN Radio weekends on the V Show with host Bob Valvano and appears regularly on KFAN Radio in Minnesota. Caplan also appears on a semi-regular basis on "Daily News Live" on Comcast Sportsnet in Philadelphia.

From strictly a fantasy perspective, he also appeared weekly on “NFL Fantasy Live” on NFL.com and Direct TV and on the NFL Network's “Playbook” show. Caplan was also a chief fantasy analyst on the NFL's DVD on fantasy football in 2003, plus he's appeared over the years on the “Fantasy Fix” show on Comcast Sportsnet. Caplan has won well over 10 Expert League titles, and he's been playing fantasy football since the early 90s.

A true NFL insider, Caplan is the most “connected” member of the fantasy community and attends events such as the NFL Draft, Super Bowl, Scouting Combine, and Owners Meetings, interacting with NFL players, coaches, analysts, agents, and insiders alike.

Greg Cosell
NFL Analyst
New for 2008, FantasyGuru.com's John Hansen and Adam Caplan will host a "Matchup Podcast" with Greg Cosell. In addition to consulting on player personnel for the site and breaking down the matchups, Greg will appear weekly in a 30-minute Podcast, which will run exclusively on FantasyGuru.com. FantasyGuru.com’s John Hansen and Adam Caplan will host the Podcast, and they will use their combined 25+ years experience covering fantasy football to get the most out of Cosell’s vast knowledge of the NFL and football, in general. A transcript of the key points covered in the Podcast will also appear on the site for premium subscribers, so those who prefer to receive their information in print will be able to enjoy the many valuable nuggets Cosell will be dishing out in 2008.

In 1984, Greg, along with NFL Films President Steve Sabol, created the “Matchup” concept. The resulting show was called “Monday Night Matchup,” and it began as a breakdown of each week’s Monday night game. For the first three years of its existence, the show was hosted by ESPN’s Chris Berman. Over the years, the show transitioned from a singular breakdown of the Monday night game to a detailed analysis of the 6-7 top games played each Sunday in the NFL. It is the most respected football show in the industry, a direct consequence of the process by which the show is produced. Greg and the show’s talent, Ron Jaworski and Merril Hoge, study and evaluate what is called “coaching tape.” It shows all 22 players on the field on every play; it is the same tape used by coaches and players in the NFL to game plan each and every week. It’s the only football show on television that goes through this process. Therefore, Greg is uniquely equipped to analyze, examine, and explore the NFL game. Greg’s knowledge of the entire league is as comprehensive and complete as that of any pro football analyst in the business.

Matthew Camp

Senior Writer

Camp has been a fantasy football player since 1997, when he remembers tabulating points using the box scores from the New York Daily News. He graduated from Rowan University in 2007 and was the Vice President of the Kappa Sigma Fraternity. In 2007, Camp interned at NFL Films, which led to production assistant credits on DVDs such as “Moment of Impact” and “NFL Greatest Games” along with being a Video On-Demand producer for Comcast. He moved on to an assistant producer role with the Phoenix Communications Group, where he helped produce sports highlights for NBC affiliates across the world. 


Matt is an avid New York Mets fan living in Phillies’ territory of Southern New Jersey, where he enjoys playing golf, going to concerts, and traveling to NFL games with his father, who has been a head linesman in the NFL since 2000. Through this connection, he's been exposed to more of the NFL experience just this decade than most fans have in a lifetime, and his background has helped him reach expert status when it comes to all things NFL. Still, he's wondering what is taking the Jaguars so long to retire Keenan McCardell’s #87.

Joseph Dolan

Senior Writer
Joe is a son of the video-game age - his extensive knowledge of NFL rosters dates back to the early 1990s, when he could tell you that Bo Jackson was the greatest athlete of all time. Christian Okoye could launch a linebacker 35 yards through the air and Jim McMahon was the backup to the legendary "QB Eagles" in Tecmo Super Bowl. As soon as he could use a computer, he transferred this knowledge to fantasy football before he entered high school.

As with most sports writers, Dolan opted for the pen over the pads when he realized he had zero outstanding athletic ability. He attended Penn State University, where he ascended to sports editor of the Daily Collegian, PSU's student-run independent publication. While at Penn State, Dolan covered basically every varsity sport the university fields in some capacity, and sat in on Joe Paterno press conferences before he could legally order a beer. After graduating from Penn State in May 2008, Dolan took a job producing content for PhiladelphiaEagles.com, where he covered the team extensively and served as an on-camera personality on The Writers' Roundtable.

Much to the chagrin of co-worker Matt Camp, Dolan is a deranged Philadelphia Phillies fan, and witnessed the uprooting of several trees in Center City Philadelphia after the Phils captured their second world championship in October 2008. He subscribes to the theories of Bill James and other sabermetricians, and his dream job (except this one, of course) is to run an MLB franchise as general manager. In the meantime, the Easton, PA native is quite content following football for a living, and he enjoys going back to Penn State to soak up the remaining drops of his college life whenever a convenient weekend presents itself.

Dom Korbel

Staff Writer

Korbel is an avid fantasy football player for nearly 15 years and has been contributing to FantasyGuru.com as a staff writer since 2000.


Korbel is probably best known as FantasyGuru.com's resident Average Draft Position (ADP) expert. Each NFL preseason (beginning in May) he searches the Web for every mock and real fantasy draft he can find, compiles the data, and generates the most comprehensive ADP analysis anywhere. During the season, Korbel pens weekly analysis articles entitled "Inside the Box score" and he's also the man charged with the role of Commissioner for the FantasyGuru.com Magazine Expert League.


Korbel holds a Bachelor's Degree in Education from North Dakota State University and a Master's Degree in Communications from Minnesota State University-Mankato. He resides in Owatonna, MN with his wife and 2 children where he oversees the Training Department for a large manufacturing firm.

Tom Simons

Staff Writer

Simons, a 14-year fantasy veteran, has been a staff writer for FantasyGuru.com since 1995. In addition to his contributions to FantasyGuru.com, Simons has been commissioner of such esteemed and groundbreaking leagues as ffWebMASTERS expert league since 2001, the innovative HAFA-X in its’ inaugural season of 2003, and Hardcore Fantasy Invitational since 2004.


Simons continues to have success in numerous high-profile “Expert Leagues” such as Fan-Ex Online, ffWebMASTERS, and INSANEX as well as innovative detailed leagues such as Hardcore Fantasy Invitational (HFI) and Hire And Fire Association (HAFA). As partner with John Hansen, Simons won the Fan-Ex Online Championship in 2005. He also won the ffWebMASTERS championship in 2005. In 2003, Simons was part of a team that captured the championship in the inaugural season of Hire And Fire Association (HAFA).


During the past 15 years, Simons has cultivated his craft as an Instant Replay engineer/technician in the Northwest and nationwide. He works for the cutting-edge in-house scoreboard show of the Seattle Seahawks. He also works all the Seattle Mariners, Seattle Supersonics, and Washington Huskies home games. His clientele includes networks like CBS, ABC, ESPN, NBC, FOX, OLN, and other broadcasting entities. Some of his accomplishments include working the 2000 Summer Sydney Olympics, Games 6 and 7 of the 2002 World Series, and a nine-year hitch as Production Coordinator for a million dollar a year distance learning facility at the University of Massachusetts. Simons is a consummate professional, is thorough in his attention to detail, and is a firm believer of objectivity


A 1979 graduate of Springfield Technical Community College and a 1982 graduate of Fitchburg State College, Simons currently resides outside of the Emerald City of Seattle, Washington. He is currently single but engaged and has a fourteen year-old daughter.

Tim O'Malley
Staff Writer, IDP Expert
Born and raised in South Bend, IN, Tim O’Malley is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame and created his first Full IDP Football League in 1989. O’Malley grew up a spoiled NFL fan, revelling in the success of Football’s Greatest Dynasty, the San Francisco 49ers. It pains him every time his beloved Niners are now referred to as “scrappy.”
A veteran of countless fantasy drafts, he has but one nugget of wisdom to pass along to any faithful readers: Do not, under any circumstances, use both of your 3rd round draft picks on a “rehabbing” Ki-Jana Carter and a rookie named Lawrence Phillips. Tough hole to dig out of…
O’Malley has lived in Atlanta since 1999 and is a Senior Marketing Associate with Cushman & Wakefield. His free time is spent travelling to sporting events, especially Saturdays in the fall, and continuously honing his skills in case there’s ever a national Madden 1993 Sega Genesis Tournament.

Mike Horn
Staff Writer
Horn, our resident stat head, has been playing fantasy football for nine years. He wrote for the Fantasy Beat website for a year before joining Fantasy Guru in 2005. In his first expert league, he took home a championship this past season (2006) in the Y! Expert Auction League.
Horn retired from the US Army in 2000 after a 21-year career as an infantryman and foreign area officer. He served in Italy, Portugal, and Germany as well as at Fort Benning, Fort Irwin, Fort Leavenworth, Fort Bragg, and the Pentagon in the United States. While on active duty, he earned his Ranger tab, Air Assault Badge, and Master Parachutist Badge.
Horn is a graduate of a small engineering college on the Hudson that once ranked 299th out of 300 on a list of party schools. Not content with the rigor of that education, he later attended #300, the University of Chicago, for a Masters in European History. He also graduated from the US Army Command and General Staff College and the Portuguese Staff College. He now works as a defense (military, not football) analyst for a major defense contractor in the Washington, DC area.
He lives there with his wife, Gayla, and two dogs, Lola and Napoleon.  Besides football, his interests include travel, cooking, eating well, and volunteer work at a local animal shelter.

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