Top-10 Reasons to Subscribe to for 2013

Reason #1 – Our credibility, proven track record, and professionalism
With so many sources to choose from, credibility is a very important factor when choosing a fantasy service. We contend that NO fantasy site or service can match us in terms of credibility/professionalism, as well as our track record.   

We feel we are true professionals in this field, and here are some examples of how we stand out from the rest: 
We’ve been publishing since 1995, an eternity in the fantasy industry. In 2013, we are celebrating our 19th year in business, and our reputation is impeccable in the industry. Many of our competitors haven’t been playing fantasy football as long as we’ve been publishing this site. We’ve also experienced double-digit growth 18 years in a row, and we’ve done that the last five years in a bad economy. It just goes to show that content is still king, and our content continues to keep people coming back for more.
We’ve led the charge in this industry in many ways and were the first to produce many different types of content that are staples in the business now, but here are some of the specific things we led the charge on in this industry:
  • First fantasy columnists/content providers to (1995)
  • First on-air fantasy experts on (2002)
  • First on-air fantasy analysts for NFL Network (2003)
  • First print magazine to interview an NFL player (2003)
  • First fantasy sports contributors for Sirius Satellite Radio (2004)
  • (Likely the) First fantasy site to send out a “Breaking News” update (1997)
  • (Likely the) First site to use the stock market analogy for fantasy (1995)
  • One of the first sites (if not the first) to track pass target numbers
  • One of the first sites to track average draft positions
  • Over the last couple of years, Greg Cosell of NFL Films has emerged as one of the nation’s foremost NFL personnel and matchup analysts. He’s quoted by a lot of other fantasy sites, but he’s actually worked with us for almost a decade.
We merged with (2008) to create the most comprehensive fantasy football information service on the Internet. Already one of the oldest and leading fantasy football information sites on the Internet, in 2008 we merged with the highly, also online since 1995. had been the premier news and injury information service – The Pro Football News & Injury Report – for the previous 14 years. The staff has an active role, as editor Adam Caplan is a regular contributor going forward. subscribers also benefit from the inside information that Caplan, Steve Cohen, and the rest of the staff, including NFL Insider Jay Glazer, have always brought to the table.
Unlike the other fantasy services, we’re on the inside when it comes to the NFL. Members of our staff and the staff talk to NFL players, coaches, agents, and beat writers; we attend events such as the NFL Combines, NFL Draft, and Training Camps with full-credential access; we’re constantly discussing the league with key insiders and analysts who talk to coaches and players and break down coach’s tape. Most other sites get their information from watching games and reading newspapers and are run by people who hold down full-time jobs in other fields. In other words, they’re like any other NFL fans. We’re truly a professional staff, and even our other full-timers came from strong NFL backgrounds, having done work for and NFL Films while also serving as football editors for Penn State's student-run newspaper.
We published a national fantasy football Magazine has featured interviews with such marquee NFL players as LaDainian TomlinsonMaurice Jones-DrewSteve SmithClinton PortisReggie Bush, and Marshawn Lynch. In fact, it was the first fantasy magazine to ever feature a player interview. In 2009 we decided to cease publishing the magazine due to skyrocketing costs and also due to a pending lockout in 2011, one that looked problematic for fantasy football magazines.
We've been all over T.V. and radio. Publisher John Hansen appeared on the Fantasy Fix TV show on Comcast Sportsnet’s local stations, which also aired nationally on Direct TV and on other stations during the NFL season from 2003-2008. You have also been able to hear’s Hansen and Caplan each hosting “SiriusXM Fantasy Football” on Sirius/XM Fantasy Sports Radio. Overall, Hansen has been SiriusXM Satellite Radio’s official fantasy football expert, as he’s frequently heard on several Sirius sports shows. Due to the success of Hansen’s and Caplan’s shows on Sirius NFL Radio from 2004-2009, the company launched an entire channel devoted to fantasy in 2010 and asked Hansen and Caplan to host the channel’s signature show, “SiriusXM Fantasy Football.” In addition, Senior Writers Matt Camp and Joe Dolan have gained a loyal following hosting the weekend edition of that show on SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio. Hansen and Caplan have also worked as fantasy analysts alongside former NFL player Ron Jaworski on the weekly TV show NFL Fantasy Live and on the NFL Network on the Playbook show, where they appeared alongside former NFL players Sterling Sharpe and Solomon Wilcots. They were also the chief analysts on a DVD the NFL produced for fantasy football in the early 2000s. In addition, Caplan is a regular on Sirius NFL Radio, Comcast Sportsnet, and many other media outlets. Former owners Steve Cohen (VP of sports programming for Sirius Satellite Radio) and Jay Glazer (Fox Sports) are huge names in the business. 
We're elsewhere on TV, radio, and in print. We’ve also provided fantasy analysis for an NFL preseason special that appears nationally on ABC in August. We’ve appeared weekly on ESPN Radio and too many (local) radio stations to mention, as well as being interviewed by and quoted in the Wall Street JournalSan Francisco ChronicleNew York TimesCharlotte ObserverNewark Star-Ledger, Wired News, by the Associated Press, and in other publications.
We’ve earned the respect of many in the media. We’ve received testimonials from such high-profile NFL reporters and analysts like Adam Schefter, Jay Glazer and Ron Jaworski. In addition, we get unsolicited praise from national radio hosts. Check out this clip from Sirius NFL Radio with hosts Adam Schein and Solomon Wilcots who were asked by a caller where they would get their fantasy football analysis. Even John Madden is a fan. Publisher John Hansen has been appearing each Sunday Morning on SiriusXM NFL Radio for years now, and in 2010 Madden told the people at Sirius how much he enjoyed Hansen’s weekly spot. In fact, Madden was kind enough to cut a quick promo for Hansen’s show on Sirius. Madden was not required to do the clip whatsoever; he gladly took the time.   
We’ve even made it on a sitcom! That’s right; the creators of the hit comedy series The League on FX thought so much of our site and overall fantasy acumen that they wrote us into one of their episodes in 2010. Our own John Hansen and Adam Caplan appeared in four scenes playing themselves as fantasy football experts hosting their show on Sirius/XM Fantasy Sports Radio. Check out the IMDB page for the episode here. We contend that no other fantasy experts can play themselves better than Hansen and Caplan.
We’ve proven our savvy in some of the top "expert" leagues on the Internet by winning 30+ championships. Boasting about success in "Expert Leagues" in the fantasy sports industry is a necessary evil in today's competitive times. For the most part, when you compete in a league comprised only of individuals who write about fantasy sports for a living, the competition really is tough, despite what some skeptics may believe. So while the bragging may annoy some, publishing expert league results is one of the best ways a consumer can determine whether or not a fantasy "Expert" really is an expert or a good player. 

In total, Hansen has won 22 expert leagues, all of them considered high-end in the industry.  
In 2012, some hardcore readers formed a startup Dynasty league and challenged Hansen to compete with his own readers. Even though all the participants were privy to every fantasy football thought Hansen had from the site, Hansen still won the league.
NFL Insider Adam Caplan has over 10 "Expert League" titles to his credit as well. Senior Writers Matt Camp and Joe Dolan have always taken home titles in fantasy expert leagues the last three years (2009-2011). Dolan, for example, won the 14-team Host League comprised solely of hosts on SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio. 
In addition, our writers’ articles and fantasy football player rankings have appeared in seven national fantasy football magazines. See what our customers say about our fantasy football player rankings and more.
Reason #2 – Our content quality and uniqueness
We're not infallible, but over the last 18 years, you would be hard-pressed to find a more reliable source of fantasy analysis and prognostication anywhere, as our subscribers have come to expect, and our competitors have consistently imitated (or worse, copied). Since 1995, we’ve been on the cutting edge and continue to be.
In 2008, due to our merger with and contributions from NFL insider Adam Caplan and NFL analyst Greg Cosell, we brought our content to a new level, and one not matched anywhere else when it comes to an effective combination of fantasy intelligence, inside information, and the analysis of personnel. With three other full time Senior Writers hired in 2009-2010 who focus only on covering the NFL for fantasy football year-round, we’ve taken things to yet another higher level.
Some sites are good at regurgitating and offering up a barrage of stats; some are good at collecting a wide variety of opinions to give you the "safest" picks and rankings; some are good at rewriting newspaper articles available to the general public.
Generally speaking, here’s what we do:

  • Offer extensive news and injury updates, but with the inclusion of insider information not found in newspapers (or found in them well after we’ve reported it). We give you not only the information, but also insight into the fantasy implications of the information. When situations aren’t exactly clear or known, we’re giving you the best educated guesses from those close to the situations.
  • Utilize our access to legit NFL insiders and events such as the Senior Bowl, NFL Combine, Owners Meetings, etc. and NFL Coaches Tape to offer superior fantasy football analysis and overall coverage. 
  • Cover football extensively – not just fantasy football – by analyzing personnel and coaching philosophies and how they pertain to and affect fantasy production. In other words, we’re not just using statistics and numbers to analyze players and teams. We’re analyzing talent, offensive and defensive systems, matchups, etc.
  • Back up our extensive analysis with the appropriate statistical data, especially unique data that cannot be found in newspapers or on sites like and
  • Offer proven and well thought-out "gut feelings" and fantasy instincts culled from over a decade and a half of producing our site and, in our publisher’s case, from playing fantasy football since the mid-80s.
  • Offer numerous stat-based tools (Points Allowed tool, SOS tool, History tool, etc.) to enhance the user experience even further and aid in the fantasy football decision-making process.
  • Present our information in a variety of forms, including standard text pages, blogs, message boards, podcasts, Twitter posts, smart phone apps, and more.
  • And while you will find some difference of opinions among our writers from time-to-time, we mostly offer up a singular message, one carefully analyzed by our staff, aimed at giving our readers a clear picture.
We do all this in a professional and well-written way that is not only informative, but it’s also entertaining (and sometimes even humorous).
We invite you to visit our “What You Get” page to see exactly what you’ll receive as a subscriber. Finally, we should note that, while we have a TON of features that we welcome subscribers to take advantage of, we make it easy for subscribers to utilize as much or as little of our content as they see fit. There’s no need to get overwhelmed with the wealth of information and tools we have to offer. If you want the bare minimum (just the facts, projections, etc.), it’s easy to find and use.
Reason #3 – Our advanced stat tools and tech features
We’ve made major strides in this area over the last couple of years, and in 2013, we’re going to be bringing things to a whole new level. There are too many features to list here (but check out our “What You Get” page). Here’s just a small sampling of some of the tools our subscribers will enjoy in 2013:
  • Draft Guru Software: This web-based software will work on a PC or a Mac and is a fantastic tool for running quick and easy mock drafts or analyzing your real drafts as they happen in real time or after the fact. And the best part? The version of the software posted on our site is synced up with, so all of our projections, rankings, and recommendations are built right into the software. As we update our projections twice a week, they are also updated in the software.
  • 2013 Draft Guru iPhone/iPad and Droid App: Available this year for iPhone/iPad and Droid, you can easily draft well using only your phone or iPad, and you can also use these apps to practice in mock draft mode. This app is FREE for subscribers.
  • 2013 Draft Tool: Using this downloadable, stand-alone Excel program, easily track and manage your online or offline drafts, and use the tool to maximize your Value-Based Drafting and much more.
  • Guru Database: Deep statistical database of fantasy football information spanning the past nine years. This gives us the ability to build software to isolate top performers, best matchups, SOS, and much more.
  • MyGuru: A personalized portal to all of your fantasy football information. Create your fantasy teams (scoring system, number of starters, roster, etc.) here in minutes, and all season you can view custom information for your players, including player news, customized expert fantasy football projections, suggested starting lineups, and more. If you don’t have time to utilize all our offerings, simple set up your team(s) here in minutes and have all the information you need (injury updates, custom projections, suggested starting lineups) available at the click of a mouse.
  • MyGuru iPhone/iPad and Droid App – Take us with you and get custom news, projections, starting lineup suggestions, articles, depth charts, and much more right on your smart phone or iPad. This app is FREE for subscribers.
  • Custom Preseason and In-Season Fantasy Football Projections: Custom built and sortable, expert offensive skill, special team, and IDP projections, strictly based on your scoring system.
  • Custom Preseason and In-Season Cheat Sheets - As a bonus, customized rankings can be generated in cheat sheet form (even one-page) for easy access and viewing in the preseason and for each week of the regular season.
  • Roster Analyzer: Use this powerful tool to help with your lineup decisions. Set up your scoring systems and how many players you start at each position in MyGuru, and this tool will suggest a starting lineup for you, completely customized to your scoring system.
  • Player Comparison Tool – This tool allows users to easily compare players graph form and includes every possible position and stat (as well as fantasy points in your custom scoring system) possible. 
  • Home/Away Tool - This tool is yet another way for users to gain an advantage by charting out any player's production at home or on the road. You can easily spots trends here, which could mean the difference between wins and loses.
  • Player Consistency Tool - Use this tool when looking to make trades, pick up off the WW, or for any reason. Easily see a player's consistency in terms of scoring (in your customized scoring system) in graph form.
  • Guru Glance – This tool is another way for subscribers to take advantage of a multitude of our database benefits with only one click. While on our site, simply click on a player’s name, and you’ll quickly see his remaining schedule with the fantasy points allowed to his position for his upcoming opponents (in your scoring system), the player’s fantasy points history against that opponent going back years, his remaining SOS (again customized to your league), recent news, and even a weather report for his next game.
  • Stat-Based Projections – Each Tuesday morning, subscribers can view player projections for each upcoming week, based solely on their scoring system(s) and the numbers each defense is giving up to every position.
  • Trade Analyzer: Using technology similar to our Roster Analyzer, this tool allows you to enter two sides of a proposed trade, and the tool will then analyze the trade and indicate how favorable or unfavorable the deal is for you.
  • Points-Allowed Tool: For all positions, including IDPs, see what teams are giving up the most/least points to each fantasy position in your scoring system(s) over the schedule range you select.
  • Strength of Schedule Tool: We measure strength of schedule by looking at the fantasy points allowed by each team to a given position and then summing up and averaging those points over the schedule range you select. The SOS shown can be customized to YOUR league’s scoring system, so it’s SOS in YOUR league.
  • IDP Stud Report: Keep track of the defensive leaders easily and effectively.  Track all major defensive stats, as well as who’s creating most of the opportunities for their teams, with overall contribution percentages.
  • Matchup History Tool: Looking for player rankings that are 100% tied to each player’s past history against this week’s opponent? That’s here, plus you can easily view your player’s matchup history versus this week’s opponent and see if he’s dominated, struggled, or fallen somewhere in the middle in recent meetings. View rankings for each week of the NFL by position, based solely on the players’ fantasy points per game against their opponents for each week of the NFL season. Also view each player’s game logs against a specific opponent going back to 2002.
And, believe it or not, there will be much more than this!
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Reason #4 - Our comprehensiveness & content delivery
There are hundreds of fantasy football sites on the Internet, but none of them can approach our level of comprehensiveness. As a subscriber, you’ll enjoy a one-stop-shop for fantasy information and analysis you can trust, along with statistical and technical tools. Our preseason and in-season reports cover fantasy from every imaginable angle, and we feverishly update content each day/week. We also provide the most in-depth analysis of NFL teams, coaches, and, of course, players. Statistical and schedule analysis is also a very strong point. There’s much more, too. And unlike competing publications that collect your money, issue you a password, and then leave you completely on your own all year, prides itself in keeping in close contact with its subscribers throughout the season.
Not only that, but we devote extra resources so we have a mailing system that can e-mail our entire subscriber list in less than 5 minutes – even a 100-page e-mail if need be. These e-mails contain a large percentage of the content we post on our site. is a service, not just a site.
Whenever we lift a finger, you'll either be e-mailed the content directly or will be notified by e-mail when we produce new content that is too large to e-mail. By the time the season is over, we'll likely e-mail you 140-150 times with full reports, notification that large reports have been posted online in our subscriber area, and breaking news updates. We'll also produce 2,500 pages of content (with no fluff), 150+ different editorial sections, and 700+ articles or features, total. In addition to keeping in close contact via e-mail, we also provide you with your own username and password, which will enable you to access our premium content whenever and wherever you want.
Reason #5 – Our interactive and multimedia content
In 2007 we began producing weekly and bi-weekly Podcasts, which only enhanced our offerings and provided subscribers with even more information delivered in new ways. Many podcasts are hosted by our own John Hansen and Adam Caplan, who happen to be TV and Radio veterans in this industry, appearing on TV shows on and NFL Network as far back as 2002. Hansen and Caplan are currently also the hosts of “SiriusXM Fantasy Football” on Sirius/XM Fantasy Sports Radio. The duo produces various preseason podcasts. During the season, our Sunday night wrap-up show goes over the weekend that was and will offer early info on injuries and WW options. Mid-week, the duo will be joined by a veteran of NFL analysis, Greg Cosell of NFL films and the Senior Producer of the NFL Matchup show that airs on ESPN. No fantasy site can match our ability to offer some of the most insightful NFL analysis that Cosell brings to the table, since he spends countless hours each week analyzing coach's tape along with Ron Jaworski. In addition, Senior Writers Matt Camp and Joe Dolan, who also host the Weekend Edition of SiriusXM Fantasy Football on Sirius/XM Fantasy Sports Radio, host a weekly podcast “In the Loop” that covers fantasy football from a variety of angles and allows listeners to phone in with questions.

We're also the only fantasy site consistently interviewing players, and in the last couple of years, we've spoken to such names as Sam BradfordArian Foster, Antonio GatesAdrian PetersonMaurice Jones-DrewDeAngelo WilliamsJonathan StewartMatt FortePierre Thomas, Fred JacksonJamaal CharlesKnowshon Moreno, Joe FlaccoRoddy WhiteMarques ColstonGreg JenningsSantonio Holmes, Sidney RiceOwen DanielsVernon DavisGreg Olsen, and many more. 
In 2009, we hit Twitter hard, and in our first four years, we’ve “Tweeted” over 16,000 times (as of April 2013). You can follow us for free by clicking here. Many of our readers absolutely love our updates, insight, and even our humor on Twitter. Thanks to this tool, we’re able to offer up information, insight, and analysis displayed right on our homepage from anywhere and at any time. This is especially convenient for breaking news. Also, we believe we have the most followers of ANY independently owned (not by a major media company) fantasy information service on the planet (43,000 as of 4/13). There's a reason tens of thousands of fantasy players - and hundreds of other fantasy writers - follow our Twitter feed.  

You can also get updates on our various blogs, podcasts, and more by become a fan of our site on 
In addition, boasts an impressive and devoted message board community. Our boards are full of knowledgeable and helpful individuals and are void of a lot of the problems comparable boards face, such as frequent personal attacks and the like. Some of our customers even claim that access to our MBs alone is worth the price of subscription. Access to our MBs is for current subscribers only, so the number of personal attacks, trolls, etc. is very low.
Finally, we host regular expert chat sessions, giving our customers access to our insiders on a wide variety of topics.
Reason #6 – Our longevity and originality
We started publishing in 1995 as a printed, hard-copy newsletter, and in each year that followed, our company has grown by leaps and bounds and has become stronger and better than the year before. You'd be surprised how many other fantasy services are run by people who also have full-time jobs. Fantasy Football IS our full-time and only job.
Over the last few years, we have seen many, many sites attempting to imitate and duplicate our content. For example, we believe we invented the "Breaking News" e-mail update in 1997 when we sent one out to advise readers to pick up then-rookie Corey Dillon after news broke that starter Ki-Jana Carter was out for the season. There have been many, many examples of other sites copying our content ideas. 
We can't control this imitation by others, but the fact that we have seen others using our ideas only motivates us to improve our content continually to stay one step ahead of the competition.
Wouldn't you rather get your information and analysis from an original, the service to which the other services subscribe (or attempt to subscribe)?
Reason #7 – We do more for less, and time is money
First and foremost, we haven't raised our subscription price in our 19 years of publishing. In fact, we continually add more and more content and cool technical features without passing any of the costs along to our subscribers. Our costs to host and manage our site, for example, have increased 500% the last 5-6 years, yet our subscription price remains the same.
And if you’re a previous subscriber, at the end of each season, you’re always able to re-subscribe for the next year at a price that is lower than the going rate right as the season ends. Feel free to review our Subscription Features (the "What You Get" page) for overviews on the 2,500+ pages of content (with no fluff), 150+ different editorial sections, and 700+ articles or features total we will publish in 2013.
And while we certainly do not dispute the fact that there are a few sites that are viable and do not charge a fee for information, we contend that no free (or pay) site can approach the level of comprehensiveness offered by What this means for the user is that he or she would have to search several sites to approach the level of information and analysis contained within
Since time is money, and users who must search the web for hours upon hours waste a significant amount of time, the alternative would be to subscribe to With a subscription, all the information – NFL news, injury updates, fantasy analysis, fantasy football player rankings, etc. – that a fantasy player could possibly need is delivered conveniently to his or her e-mail inbox for less than $1 a week. 
Reason #8 – Everyone needs an edge these days
Never before has fantasy football been so competitive and difficult to navigate than it is right now – and it’s only going to get more heated and complicated. Ten years ago, it was thought to be a stretch to charge a fee for fantasy information, but we did it successfully then. Now, with more and more companies following our lead and charging a fee for information, subscribing to is not merely a wise investment; many would say it’s a must.
If you’re a novice player, you’ll be helped greatly by our insightful analysis and strategies, our fantasy football player rankings and projections, sleeper picks, and all of our news and injury coverage (and more). If you’re a savvy player, you’ll enjoy the convenience of not having to search multiple sites for info and scramble on Sundays wondering if your star player is going to play. You’ll also appreciate a well-informed opinion to compare with your own (and more). Again, you will not find a better combination of experienced and well thought-out fantasy analysis, inside information, and quality NFL personnel scouting than what we offer at And finally, you’ll get a noticeable edge by utilizing our various stat-based technical tools.
Reason #9 – Our loyalty to our subscribers
We're not out to make a quick buck. We want to keep you as a subscriber for a long time, and we work diligently to ensure you're satisfied, understanding that our users expect a constantly improving product. We wouldn't settle for anything less. We have, without a shadow of a doubt, improved our service in each of our 18 years of publishing, and in 2008 took things to a new level with the merger with and the addition of some other key contributors such as Greg Cosell of NFL Films. We’re constantly tweaking our site design based on reader feedback, and we’re always adding new technical improvements and database-driven upgrades and offerings. And 2013 will be no different, with some major technical enhancements, smart phone app development, more interaction, and more content than ever, since we have a larger staff than ever. 
Our subscription renewal rate is usually around 85%, which is very high. Plus, as mentioned above, when you subscribe once at the regular price, you'll forever have the opportunity to renew your subscription at a price substantially lower than "the going rate." Not only that, but at the end of every season, we welcome subscribers to play in a special playoff league contest and compete against other readers. We will give away cash prizes ($3000 in 2013) and free subscriptions for 2014 and for life.

Reason #10 – Because YOU can be a Fantasy Guru!
We’ve been in this business a very long time, and we employ not only serious fantasy experts, but also individuals who study coaches’ tape and who cover the league full-time, so we have a lot to offer. From learning how to scout talent to understanding NFL schemes to wading through the coach speak, we can educate you in a way that no other site can match.
Our vision with this site is not that we’re fantasy gurus and you should listen to us; instead, it’s that we can make you a fantasy guru yourself. Armed with the information, analysis, and overall intelligence that we bring to the table, we’re sure to bring your fantasy game to another level. And even if you’re already at a professional level, you’ll still save a ton of time researching the league by just using our site – and you’ll sleep well at night knowing that our information is information you can trust.
We understand it seems ridiculous to some to pay for a fantasy service, but we’ve been doing this for 19 years with a lot of success. Many of our readers were hesitant to order our service at first, but ultimately they were very glad they did. We encourage you to give us a shot. After just under two decades in this industry, we know for a fact that there's at least an 85% or more chance that you, too, will be very glad you did.  

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